Training Practice

The practice is committed to active involvement in general practitioner training. The practice hosts a variety of personnel undergoing medical training from medical students through to doctors training to be GP’s.

The medical students are usually on attachment from the University of Leicester Medical School. An essential part of their training, is to regularly observe our doctors during consultations. If you do not wish a Medical Student to be present during your consultation or examination then please inform a Patient Care Navigator or the relevant clinician. Patients will always be informed when a student is accompanying a doctor and can always decline to have them present although the presence of a student will not adversely affect the quality of the care you will receive.

FY2 Doctors are qualified doctors in their second year of post graduate training, which consists of three, 4-monthly rotation in different specialities.

GPST’s (formally known as GP Registrars) are fully qualified doctors gaining specialist training in general practice. They are attached to the practice for 4 months in their first year of this training. They then return for their entire third year and hold clinics in the same way as a GP.